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New single "Who are you?" out now!

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Debut single "Lost Inside" out now!

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...We are many, we are legion.

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We are many we are legion are an anonymous group brought together under the stewardship of the overseer.

They are the only metal band driven by a six-piece horn section, fusing the dark rasp of New Orleans style brass with the aggressiveness of metal guitars and harsh vocals all resolving to soaring choruses.

Founded in the north of England, the overseer who speaks on behalf of the band, describes their message as one of inclusion, togetherness and family. In an ever-fracturing world by merging the worlds of brass and metal, their sound stands as a metaphor for what can be achieved when we ignore the constraints and stereotypes we are led to believe cannot be undone. Music that is greater than the sum of its parts and a desire to inspire those who feel alone, without a voice and lost to come together.

We all struggle, we all have demons, but when we come together we can achieve great things. Together we can make our voice heard, together we can lift each other up and create a community that supports and cares for one another. Though their music is deeply personal, they explore issues that affect us all and maybe just maybe knowing that someone else feels your pain can provide a level of catharsis.

The Overseer: “on a simple level we create heavy music with a unique orchestration to listen to. On a more cerebral level we are a rallying point. A concept, an idea that it doesn’t matter who or what you are, you are not alone, you can collaborate and co-exist, you can be anything you want and with others who feel the same surrounding and supporting you the possibilities for hope are endless.”

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